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So this week i was hanging out with my boys Rusty and Castro i wanted to take them to this outside restaurant I've been going to for a while, so they can check out the hot waitress that works the day shift. i knew with our powers combined we could probably make something kinky shit happen. so we get there and instantly Rusty starts Flirting with her. and Castro followed suit. next thing you know she is taking her apron off and pants as well. i was excited that this was actually happening i couldn't hold my excitement in *if you know what i mean ;) *. So her pants come off and right there staring us in the face is a cock. she was a tranny! the guys and I were fucking thrilled! Rusty started fucking her while she gave Castro some head right there in front of the other costumers. This some one hell of a lunch. haha i know i enjoyed it.